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VIA Drivers

Connect your first IDE hard disk to master mode AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio the primary channel. If you have second IDE device to install in your system, connect it as slave mode on the same channel, and the third and fourth device can be connected on secondary channel as master and slave mode respectively IDE2 IDE 38 Hardware Installation Caution: The specification of IDE cable is maximum 46cm 18 inchesmake sure your cable does not excess this length.

For better signal quality, it is recommended to set far end side device to master mode and follow the suggested sequence to install your new device. Please refer to following figure. This connector is designed for different type of housing, actually only two pins are necessary for the LED. If your housing has four pin connector, simply plug it in. If you have only two pin connector, please connect to pin or pin according to the polarity. AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio

Attach the power LED, keylock, speaker, and reset switch to the corresponding pins as shown in the figure. Some housings have a five-pin connector for the keylock and power LED Since power LED and keylock are aligned together, you can still use this kind of connector.


Since Internal Modem card consumes AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio power when system power is off, it is recommended to use Internal Modem. To use LAN Wake-up function, you need a network card that supports this feature.

In addition, you also need to install a network management software. DIMM modules can be identified by following factors: Following figure is for your reference Pin Pin Note: This motherboard supports non-buffered DIMMs.

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Although most of DIMMs on current market are non-buffered, we still recommend you to ask your dealer for the correct type. This motherboard supports standard 64 bit wide AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio parity and bit wide with parity DIMM modules. There is no jumper setting required for the memory size or type. It is automatically detected by the system BIOS, and the total memory size is to add them together. The driving capability of new generation chipset is limited because the lack of memory buffer to improve performance.

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Unfortunately, there is no way that BIOS can identified the correct chip count, you need to calculate the chip count by yourself. The simple rule is: By visual inspection, use only DIMM which is less than 16 chips.


The parity mode uses AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio parity bit for each byte, normally it is even parity mode, that is, each time the memory data is updated, parity bit will be adjusted to have even count "1" for each byte. When next time, if memory is read with odd number of "1", the parity error is occurred and this is called single bit error detection.

This routine allows you to configure the system parameters and save the configuration into the AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio CMOS area, normally in the RTC chip or directly in the main chipset. Choose "Load Setup Defaults" for recommended optimal performance.

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Choose "Load Turbo Defaults" for best performance with light system loading. Refer to section AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio. The section at the bottom of the screen tells how to control the screen. Use the arrow keys to move between items, to color scheme of the display, to exit, and to save the changes before exit. Another section at the bottom of the screen displays a brief description of the highlighted item. After selecting an item, press to select or enter a submenu.

Aopen Windows Sound / Audio Driver Downloads

Use the arrow keys to highlight an item and or to select the value for each item. Press or to set the current date.

The date format is month, date, and year. Press or to set the current time in hour, minute, and second format. The time is based on the 24 hour military clock. If you prefer to enter HDD parameters manually, select User. Select None if no HDD is connected to the system. The LBA is now considered as a standard feature of current IDE hard disk on the market because AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio its capability to support capacity larger than MB.

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The available settings and types supported by the mainboard are listed on the left. Since current PCs use VGA only, this function is almost useless and may be disregarded in the future. This feature protects the boot sector and partition table of your hard disk from virus intrusion. Model, AK73(A)-V Chipset: VIA KTA VIA B. Main Memory: PC SDRAM DIMM: SDRAM DIMM DIMM Type: 8/16/32/64//MB Front Audio. AOpen AK73(A)-V Easy Installation Manual 8 pages. This Online Manual is saved format, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader for online viewing This on-board AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio includes a complete audio recording AOpen AK73(A)-V VIA Audio playback system.


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