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In these cases, you will have to find the driver on Acer's web site. There's just no way around it. Trust only the manufacturer's ASUS Notebook Liteon Bluetooth web site or the laptop maker. Searching for drivers on the internet gets you viruses and spyware faster than searching for porn or free screensavers. The entire top cover flexes somewhat when force is applied to the middle of the keyboard. The level of clatter depends on how much force is applied when pressing a key, although the smaller keys are generally quieter and less susceptible thereto. The three-stage keyboard backlight is consistent and rich in contrast despite the yellow key cap labels.

Touchpad The ClickPad is fairly large and lacks dedicated buttons, as the name already suggests. Its glass surface is slightly roughened and features a fingerprint reader in the top right corner. Unfortunately, the touchpad was not installed very evenly and clattered noticeably every time we dared to touch it. Its products are widely used in mobile devices, notebook PC, desktop PCs, servers, communication equipment, LCD displays, televisions, gaming consoles, multi-functional office equipment, and industrial computers.

Its attempt at raising the efficiency of existing power supplies mostly involves the development of next-generation power conversion technologies such as high power density, high efficiency, low standby power consumption, and intelligent power system management. LITE-ON continues to apply new technologies in the development of next-generation energy products including wireless charging and fast charging modules for consumers' convenience.


Lite-On provides Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and cloud computing power solutions that offer greater reliability. In the future,LITE-ON plans to expand its power supply applications to specialized industrial applications such as military, aviation, oil drilling, public transportation, healthcare etc. Meanwhile, LITE-ON continues to develop high-efficiency Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and high-capacity cloud computing power supplies to establish ASUS Notebook Liteon Bluetooth reputation as a total power solution provider.

Product support

Lite-On's recent efforts in the development of energy-efficient UV LEDs have been rewarded with significant cost advantage, giving it a good head start in special lighting applications such as nail treatment, photocatalyst, mosquito lamp, plantation, ink-based printing, and UV exposure. Invisible LED products include photo couplers, finger navigation sensors, optical encoders, infrared transmission, ambient light sensors, and proximity sensors. The photo couplers in particular have been broadly used in power suppliers, touch screens, high-resolution printers, hand-held ASUS Notebook Liteon Bluetooth, gaming consoles, and industrial automation.

General Illumination and Outdoor Lighting. General Illumination comprises of home range and commercial range LED bulbs, tubes and other lighting equipment, whereas Outdoor Lighting consists mainly of LED-based traffic signal lights and street lights.

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA (i5-7200U, 256 GB SSD) Subnotebook Review

With the support of government policies around the world and falling production costs, LED is replacing conventional lighting solutions at an increasing pace. To capitalize on this trend, LITE-ON has made extensive attempts to develop distribution, secure key materials, and extend product life by improving system cooling, smart lighting control and power conversion efficiency.


In the meantime, ASUS Notebook Liteon Bluetooth quality of lighting has been constantly improved to satisfy the needs of different environment, giving LITE-ON's LEDs a solid reputation around the world. LITE-ON provides customized products according to customers' requirements, and is dedicated to integrating advanced technologies into new products that can meet the needs of all customers.

ASUS Notebook Liteon Bluetooth In terms of hand held devices, LITE-ON has successfully developed a dual-lens technology that can be applied onto mobile camera modules. The most significant advantage about the dual-lens technology is that both lenses can function at different focus.

Fundamentally speaking, dual-lens technology has an advantage over the current solution, where focus is adjusted by moving a set of lenses. Once rebooted after that order it works now perfect. Please consider adding yourself to the "Affects Me" list of the linked bug reports.


D thanks, and thanks again. Always so pleasant to see someone's first post being a thanks for a successful fix. Please consider the request regarding the bug reports. Now I can use wifi by enabling it with enable wifi button into the connection menu of applet ASUS Notebook Liteon Bluetooth. The trick for the key does not work. Free Download Asus K53Z Notebook LiteOn Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 x64 (Bluetooth). Free Download Asus K93SM Notebook Lite-On Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 x64 (Bluetooth).

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