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The iPad Pro's design isn't all that directly tailored to a play-meets-productivity experience in the way that the SP4 is, but perhaps that's because Apple feels it simply is already there.

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Conversely, the SP4 hardware seems carved out specifically for this kind of hybrid use. This one goes out to Surface Pro 4. The iPad Pro comes with Apple's signature 9.

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This employs new four-channel sensors within the device's optical stack to dynamically adjust the white balance of the screen to match the light around it, thus creating more natural viewing experiences. The MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad display, on the other hand, has no such technology. Though, you will find Microsoft's PixelSense technology within its This tech has been borrowed from its old Surface tablet computer, which enables much of the SP4's super accurate and realistic touch and stylus control.

As for pixels per inch ppi — the only truly fair way to compare these two displays' resolutions given their disparate size — the SP4 is still barely the winner with ppi 2, x 1, The smaller iPad Pro retains the same ppi as its larger predecessor: This is such a narrow difference in sharpness that it's practically meaningless: And are proof that Apple is no longer the outright king of displays. What this comparison boils down to, then, is unique features. And, MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad that regard, the iPad Pro's True Tone technology looks to level the playing field once more with Apple firmly at the top.

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So, this one goes to the iPad Pro. Specs and performance This is likely the most difficult comparison for the two, as the hardware inside each machine is directly tailored to that device, one being MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad chip-based and the other based in laptop-grade components.

So, take the following apples-to-oranges face-off with an extra grain of salt. Geekbench, one the leading processor tests.

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The iPad Pro displayed a multi-core Geekbench result of 5, while the Intel Core i5-toting SP4 scored 6, points in the same test. That's a difference of nearly 1, points. Does that mean that the SP4 is unequivocally more powerful than the iPad Pro?


Not at all, as this test doesn't even account for clock speed, exact core count and other factors. Here's the thing, though: So, where does that leave us? The best of the rest. When it comes to gaming, the iPad Pro MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad always win as its games are designed to that very spec, whereas the SP4 can't get away with playing any game that wasn't designed with its graphics performance in mind.

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MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad As for work applications, unless the app in question was designed specifically for iPad Pro, you're in a similar situation like I mentioned before see: Now, another piece of this puzzle to consider is, what kind of connectivity does each device offer? Both offer the latest in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology that means However, hard connections is where the two differ vastly. It's extremely versatile, but it's still a lonely port.

In this very special device, however, Apple's side-borne Smart Connector returns to support the Smart Keyboard. Apple sells all sorts of accessories, like a card reader-to-Lightning device, to expand its hardwired connectivity.


While this is by no means a 1-to-1 comparison, the SP4 is simply better suited at the onset to handle heavy productivity applications. Free Download MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 10 bit (Keyboard & Mouse). MSI WT72 6QK VBIOS C, MSI WT72 6QK BIOS EIWS MSI MSI WT72 6QK Synaptics Touchpad 6QK Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 7 bit.

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