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After booting from an external optical drive, running Windows went smoothly at first.

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During the installation, the external drive was not detected anymore after a reboot was necessary, so the installation searched for a Windows XP CD in vain. At that point of time it was impossible to change the boot order to booting from CD via pressing F12 during the boot process, and the BIOS settings were ignored as well. Instead, the system kept booting from hard disk and asked to insert the XP CD - which was impossible due to the external drive used. Unfortunately, the Windows installation routine does not allow for a cancellation in a case like this. Only cutting off the power supply and removing the battery made booting from an external drive and recovering Linpus Linus Lite possible again. These were promising, and one might conclude that a version of Linux featuring a nice desktop would really go well with this Acer AOA110 Touchpad.

After the breakdown at trying to install XP for the first time, we figured Acer AOA110 Touchpad it might be reasonable to first copy the XP CD to the local hard disk.

We started installing XP a second time ready to copy the XP CD's content to the mass storage space which XP had already formatted and partitioned with the help of a Linux Live version, should we experience another failure. But that would not happen; the XP installation went smoothly in the second attempt. Speaking of a Linux Live CD: All one had to do was to transfer the system to the flash drive via Adriane v1. After first attempts at walking with Knoppix 6. Input Devices In order to fit a key keyboard Acer AOA110 Touchpad a 8.

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The standard keys, featuring Acer AOA110 Touchpad width of 16 millimeters and a depth of 14 millimeters effectively: The backspace key is especially hard to hit since it is rather short. The two-line enter key deserves a praise, especially in such a small netbook. Another advantage of the built-in keyboard is its accordance with common keyboard layout. The feeling when typing is somewhat elastic, because the area of the keyboard gives in a little bit when one types.

The keys' resistance to pressure is rather small, but the pressure point is definitely tangible. The producer claims a minimal length of stroke of 1.

Acer Aspire One AOA110 Netbook Windows XP Drivers, Utility

The used touchpad could not really convince: It is thus difficult to unerringly hit the two keys which are placed to the Acer AOA110 Touchpad and right of the touchpad. Additionally, the keys do not offer any comfort in typing: However, it is possible to navigate across the screen with the mouse's pointer precisely, aside from the occasional getting stuck due to the suboptimal gliding properties.


Touchpad Keyboard A 0. Display The 8.

This is sufficient for simple office-applications and for surfing the internet, but one has to adapt to having to scroll frequently, especially vertically. Nowadays, a lot of websites and applications are optimized for the commonly used x WXGA format, which partly is hard on netbooks. The manufacturer's data indicates Acer AOA110 Touchpad brightness of nit for the built-in display, which uses LED technology; unfortunately, we could not confirm this information, lacking a measurement device. Black, in contrast, appeared to be somewhat bright.


The "Acer CrystalBrite" display's reflecting surface cannot be counted as a strength; in disadvantageous lighting conditions, e. For mobile netbooks which invite to be used outside, this is an essential shortage. The rangeability offered, both horizontally and vertically, is sufficient as far as stability of the angle of view is concerned; however, the stable angle in a vertical Acer AOA110 Touchpad turns out a little narrower. Changes in the display have to be anticipated when one does not look at the display in the optimal 90 degree angle of Acer AOA110 Touchpad, that is in a vertical way. A flattening of the horizontal angle of view causes increasing reflections.

Performance To cut Acer AOA110 Touchpad long story short: An advantage of this solution is the low power consumption of only up to 7 watt; the chip's cooling load is also very low, which is favorable to a netbook's compact build. It can generally be said that Megabyte RAM are definitely a bottleneck, similarily equipped netbooks with a greater RAM capacity have a clear advantage. In conclusion one can say that the performance is sufficient for commonly used applications, as well as for office usage and internet-access - but the user's patience is taxed when applications are started. As mentioned, the small RAM capacity reduces the performance, an upgrade would be highly advisable, especially when using Windows. This will ordinarily not work, because if the device does not appear to the host system, then the command will fail. A script to poll the card reader for power events AC unplugged, etc.

This script runs once every 5 minutes and adjusts the power level depending on the system power state.


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