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This is absent when doing the same on the zaurus. What does this mean" I find that it has a shared irq also find out by dmesg of 11 but on the zaurus it has an exclusive irq of Could this shared irq cause it to not function? The Zaurus continuously searches robust in the face of partial damage to the infrastructure. Each between the patient tags and the central server to leverage Zaurus contains a list of preferred registered networks this robustness. Each tag directs all data packets to the IP such as those of known mobile and hospital basestations. As a consequence, as long as Where none of the preferred networks is available, an Internet connection is available to a basestation via connection is made through any available wireless access Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS or satellite data servicethe tag point.

When no networks are available, the internal log and server can interact seamlessly in a network- queues position information for later transmission or independent manner. The Zaurus' maintenance and control of the tag. Mobile basestation wearable tag, the basestation and the tracking server. While each tag can utilize any To ensure tag urban areas. Basestations are also fitted to emergency current locations of field basestations and emergency vehicles such as ambulances. In this way, patients near or vehicles, each basestation is outfitted with a PCMCIA within these vehicles may be monitored during transit. The basestation then communicates this information to the central server in the same manner as a tag. Central server Finally, a central server stores and processes the data from the tags and basestations.

The server allows users to visualize the status of basestations, patients and emergency personnel Ambicom GPS-CF real time. A useful TPTS must provide a visualization interface that concisely conveys all the information needed for managing a trauma situation. Ambicom GPS-CF

Present and former locations of tags and basestations should be clearly displayed on topographical maps and aerial photographs of the disaster scene. The locations of places such as Ambicom GPS-CF should also appear.

AmbiCom GPS-CF PRO - GPS receiver module Specs

Ambicom GPS-CF programs are currently available to plot positional data on a map. Although these tools are well-designed, none provides the specific Fig.

Top shows the mobile basestation with components labeled: Bottom Ambicom GPS-CF the Zaurus patient tag with GPS card attached. Using all available track information, TagView generates a map that is scaled to contain each tag's current Our prototype basestation Figure 1 employs a and previous locations.

Troubleshooting BackCountry Navigator - Page 16

The user is then able to zoom-in Linux-based notebook PC to route incoming tag data to any area of interest. Clicking on a track point allows from an attached wireless access point to the server the user to determine the name of the reporting tag and using the best available network connection. The the time at which that location was reported. Wired Ethernet Track histories from different tags are plotted using 2. The color intensity of each Ambicom GPS-CF plot 3. Older points 4. Satellite packet radio service have darker color intensities. If such a connection is The TPTS was tested in a 25km2 area of Berkeley, presently unavailable, the basestation attempts to bring up California that included the University of California UC a connection of lower priority. When a functional campus and the Alta Bates Medical Center. Your Toshiba may be different, but I can't say.

I do know that Com8 is the Bluetooth port for me.

If I Ambicom GPS-CF it, I will figure out how to get around it, if it has any affect at all. But I turned it off just in case to remove the variable. I think this is why automatically searching does not work. It comes across Bluetooth port first and tries to connect through that instead of moving on to the next port which is the USB port. Some people have gotten it to work by connecting to Ambicom GPS-CF computer through the Bluetooth, however. You may want to try that. Simply follow the steps below. Highlight the card and right click.

Click the Manual Configuration Button.


AmbiCom SiRF StarIII GPS CF Receiver. Model: GPS-CF3. Rev Features.


• Super Sensitive SiRF StarIII Chipset. • 20 parallel satellites channels.

AmbiCom BT-GPS, GPS-CF, GPS-CF3 User Manual

Description. GPS Navigation CompactFlash Card.

The AmbiCom GPS Navigation Receiver CompactFlash Card is the Global Positioning System Receiver for.

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