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C sample code for PIC micros and Hi-Tech C

If the main program and also interrupt routines perform access to registers using TEMP, interrupts must be disabled during access from the main program or interrupts if interrupts are re-enabled. Dallas MAX186 Turn Off Enable. This bit is used in conjunction with the WDE bit. The processor clears this bit after four clock cycles. Watchdog Enable.

MAX 1270 A to D chip

This will then disable the watchdog timer. Watchdog Timer Prescaler. These bits are used as in Table 3.

Writing to this register initiates data transmission, and reading from it caus- es the shift register receive buffer to be read. More details in the SPI port section. SPI Interrupt Dallas MAX186. Write Collision Flag. SPI Interrupt Enable. SPI Enable.


Data Order. Clock Polarity. Clock Phase. Determines the active phase of the clock.


Dallas MAX186 bits determine the SCK clock rate when configured as master, as per Table 3. If the device is a slave, these bits have no effect on the SCK frequency. When data is written to this address, it gets written to the data Dallas MAX186 register, and when reading from this address it is read from the data receive register.

The significant bits Dallas MAX186 the USR are: This bit indicates that the UDR is ready to receive a new byte. Framing Error. Overrun Error. RX Complete Interrupt Enable. TX Complete Interrupt Enable. Receiver Enable.

Transmitter Enable. The 9th bit can be used as an extra stop bit or parity bit.

Receive Data Bit 8. Transmit Data Bit 8.

  • : SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
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  • Schematic circuit of a probe design (shown in box) with a pre-amplifying unit.
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  • App8: SPI ADC

Analog Comparator Disable. Analog Comparator Output.

VMCM2 Functional Descriptions

This is the output of Dallas MAX186 comparator. Analog Comparator Interrupt Flag. Analog Comparator Interrupt Dallas MAX186. Analog Comparator Input Capture Enable. Analog Comparator Interrupt Mode Select. The combinations of these bits selects the interrupt modes as illustrated in Table 3.

4th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and - Google Books

Also see Figure 3. However, this should only be done if interrupts are at all being used in the system. If the interrupts are not being used, there is no need to unnecessarily enable the Dallas MAX186.

Use a brown-out detector BOD to detect periods of time when the supply voltage is Dallas MAX186 and assert reset during such time. MAX datasheet, MAX pdf, MAX data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor, Low-Power, 8-Channel, Serial Bit ADCs.MAX, adc*,spi, ADC, bit 8-channel with selectable input polarity and referenceDS, resist, The Log Trimmer Potentiometer, PS · Dallas*.

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