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If at first it was easy enough to compare Behold BeTAB andthen the more I tested both models, the more I understood that it is just impossible to choose "right" model. It is like comparison car with motorcycle. Yes, both of them are vehicles, but they are different per se, although both of them perform the same functions. But you'll not succeed making "right" choice, because everyone has its own understanding of "right". I must admit that, before this testing I was an adherent of " models. But once tested BeTAB as an outright 10" tablet I'll not be afraid to call it "paragon" in its market price segmentI've got so deep doubts, that I don't know for sure what Behold TV M6 I choose if I was faced such a choice.

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I hope if only readers will make that choice. Of course, we can't treat cameras as an instrument for taking full value photograph, and the time of operation on accumulator is not outstanding, but good display, stable software, good set of interfaces and rather pleasant Behold TV M6 cover these disadvantages.

High calculational performance, good display with normal resolution although not as Retinalarge built-in memory — all that are obvious pluses… Root firmware also adds positive features to the tablet. Perfect implementation of browser and support of most videofiles allows us to treat tablet as excellent media for "content consuming" and spending the time with pleasure. For this sum user gets high-quality tablet PC, that yield less to products of eminent brands. Perhaps, the only thing it lacks is built-in GPS-receiver, but this hardly may be called as drawback.

More… 27 July In our Downloads page released new Behold TV M6 version for media player Ventus. There is no other way. Behold TV M6

Then imagine my surprise, when in the beginning of April I got for test the new 9. In Behold TV M6 with previous model it reveals not so quantitative as qualitative advance.

In the rest it is very good tablet PC, which, no doubts, will attract the attention of potential buyers. Competitors for this price offer devices with OS Behold TV M6 2.

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In the case of our tablet PC we have Behold TV M6 excelent IPS screen, powerful performance, new operating system and a good assembling quality. The first minus is a drawback with a stretch — web-sites are opened without a problems, and that's a scope of tablet PCs.

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So, if mentioned disadvantages are Behold TV M6 important for you, you may easily buy Behold BeTAB — it worths the money it costs. There are also models without 3G module on the same platform, and they could be interesting for potential buyer — one may rarely encounter budget-priced solutions, that work good and don't leave negative impression. Speed and time of work on battery will be sufficient for most modern users.

Beholder Behold TV M6 TV-tuner drivers on FTP

Nowadays it is rarely can be seen such a well thought-out and high-quality product, especially, in mainstream segment, Behold TV M6 quality and functionality for a long time receded into the background and the main feature is the price. Due to a powerful stuff, Behold BeTAB without any problem manages most applications which could be today installed on Android tablets. It ideally suits for web-surfing, viewing video, talking in Skype and in social networks, reading books and even for popular games. Insignificant restrictions concern video in HD quality and only over the network, and some hard games, exigent to top performance of 3D engine, built into CPU. As for me, I noticed such features of tablet PC as accurate localization of Android met for the first time in Android tablets3G support that allows to organize mobile connection to Internet without extraneous hardware, support of high speed Wi-Fi controller And again, apparently for several years has found a point of stability.

AverMedia, as the most advertised brand in the Russian market of TV tuners, kept the leadership, though "lost" three per cent. For compatibility with analog devices there is a full set of analog outputs. Surfing the web, viewing video through Internet and listening Internet radio — simple tasks for this media player… And what about Android with its multitude of programs? At least if you like to setup and try — Android provides all for this trials. And go forth! May the green force be with you! Review on site Reviews. From our point of view, main feature is the competent software. We appreciate the use of multimedia shell, which, in our opinion, is a prerequisite for a modern media player. Very pleased with the implementation of a mechanism of network drives connection. Separately, we note the support of a wide range of formats and codecs, including support DVD and Blu-Ray structures, good network performance, and, of course, competently made software that allows you to use multiple Web services.

In other words, Behold MP Ventus include an excellent choice for the user searching an inexpensive, compact and well-localized solution based on Android, which could be equally useful as a full-fledged media player, and to launch various applications to extend the scope of its use.

For Behold TV application and applications of other software developers to The driver installation procedure is illustrated on Behold TV M6 Extra tuner model. "Behold TV Cruise is not Behold TV M6 first tuner with USB interface in Beholder product line Editorial stuff of "Home PC" magazine awards TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra.

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