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Alternative periodic tables are developed often to highlight or emphasize different chemical or physical properties of the elements which are not as apparent in traditional periodic tables. Some tables aim to Acrox UHU both the nucleon and electronic structure of atoms. This can be done changing the spatial relationship or representation each element has with respect to another element in the table. Other tables aim to emphasize the chemical element isolations by humans over time. Major alternatives Janet's Left Step Periodic Table [4] is considered to be the most significant alternative to the traditional depiction of the periodic system.

It organizes elements according to orbital filling and Acrox UHU widely used by physicists.


In Theodor Benfey's periodic tablethe elements form a two-dimensional Acrox UHU, starting from hydrogen, and folding their way around two islands, the transition metals, and lanthanides and actinides. A superactinide island is already slotted in. The Chemical Galaxy is organized in a similar way. Alternative periodic tables 17 In the extended periodic table, suggested by Glenn T. Seaborg inyet unknown elements are included up to atomic number Helium is placed in the group 2 elements.

The oldest periodic table is the short form table of Dmitri Mendeleev, which shows secondary chemical kinships. For example, the alkali metals and the coinage metals copper, silver, gold are in the same column because both groups tend to have a valence of one. This format is still used by many, as shown by this contemporary Russian short form table [8] which includes all elements and element Acrox UHU to date.

Mendeleev's periodic table Timmothy Stowe's physicist's periodic table is three-dimensional with the Acrox UHU axes representing the principal quantum number, orbital quantum number, and orbital magnetic quantum number. Helium is again a group 2 element. Paul Giguere's 3-D periodic table consists of 4 billboards with the elements written on the front Acrox UHU the back. The first billboard has the group 1 elements on the front and the group 2 elements at the back, with hydrogen and helium omitted altogether.

In the research field of superatoms, clusters of atoms have properties of single atoms of another element. It is suggested to extend the periodic table with a second layer to be occupied with these cluster compounds. Rich has proposed a periodic table where elements appear more than once when appropriate. In this rendition of the periodic Acrox UHU carbon and silicon also appear in the same group as titanium and zirconium.


An interesting new chemists' table "Newlands Revisited" that solves many of the problems of position of hydrogen, helium and Acrox UHU lanthanides, etc. Oxford University Press, New York, AuthorHouse, Alabama; University of Alabama Press, ISBN Charles Janet: Foundations of Chemistry.


January, The Janet Periodic Table. In total, elements have been observed as of Marchof which 92 Acrox UHU naturally on Earth.


Of these, oxygen is the most abundant element in the earth's crust. Elements with atomic numbers 83 or higher bismuth and above are inherently unstable, and undergo radioactive decay. The elements from atomic number 83 to 92 have no stable nuclei, but are nevertheless found in nature, either surviving as remnants of the primordial stellar nucleosynthesis that produced the elements in the solar system, or else produced as short-lived daughter-isotopes through the natural decay of uranium and thorium. New elements of Acrox UHU atomic number are discovered from time to time, as products of artificial nuclear reactions. When two distinct elements are chemically combined, the result is termed a compound. The periodic table of the chemical elements Element 20 Ancient philosophy posited a set of classical elements to explain patterns in nature.

Periodic Table

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