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BVQ4 Catlog: CE Manufacturer: Consider the Voodoo3 PCI from 3dfx. This 16 MB graphics card supports more 3D APIs than many competing products, offers glass-smooth performance for most games, and won't break the bank. We were a little disappointed when we opened the 3Dfx DTV3F, as the Voodoo3 comes with no software bundle.

3Dfx Video Drivers Download

A voucher is included for a software DVD decoder, but it would be much better if 3dfx just included the software with the device. It is immediately obvious upon looking at the card that few extra features are supported, as there are no TV input or 3Dfx DTV3F jacks. It's a graphics card, plain and simple.

The first thing you'll notice after installing this card and booting up a game is its speed. The results were universally impressive, with games running smooth as 3Dfx DTV3F at all but the highest resolutions.

We witnessed much smoother performance from the Voodoo3 at this resolution with the detail settings at high. The caveat to all this speed is that it comes at the expense of maximum color depth. While the Voodoo3 supports bit color for normal 2-D acceleration like working in Windowsit only goes as high as bit for 3D-accelerated programs. This is not a big problem when it comes to games released in the last year or so, but more titles today are optimized for bit color, and it's a shame this card can't handle it. It is obvious 3dfx focused on fast frame rates over all other considerations, but the fact that 3dfx's newer video card designs incorporate bit color for 3-D proves the company has seen the errors of its 3Dfx DTV3F. Two other potential drawbacks had less of a performance 3Dfx DTV3F than we expected. The first is that this card supports only 16 MB of video memory.

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Most other cards on the market ship with 32 MB, making this seem a little skimpy. In practice, you'll have nothing to worry about. Windows performance is excellent, as the card supports bit color at a maximum resolution of 2, x 1, and a refresh rate 3Dfx DTV3F 75 Hz.

These numbers represent pure overkill for any monitor smaller than 24 inches, so users with inch or inch displays should have no complaints about Windows performance. Since only bit color is supported in 3-D mode, the 16 MB of RAM is adequate to push enormous numbers of pixels at resolutions and refresh rates that should satisfy any gamer with a inch or smaller monitor. Those of you with inch 3Dfx DTV3F larger monitors may want to look elsewhere for a gaming card that will extract maximum performance from your display.

3dfx DesktopTV TV tuner - PCI Series Specs

The other reason buyers may hesitate to buy this card is that it's a PCI device. With so many computers shipping with AGP support, it makes little sense to buy a video card that uses a slower interface technology. Frankly, we didn't notice any difference. The good news is that this product is available in an AGP version, so you don't have to compromise if it really troubles you. The only real benefit we can see in using the AGP version of this card is that it will free up a PCI slot, which you can use for other devices. Overall, if you have a inch monitor and high 3-D color depths are not important, the Voodoo3 PCI is a smooth operator that can really make your games come to life.

If you are looking for the ultimate video card, or a card 3Dfx DTV3F extra features like TV output, take a pass--and prepare to shell out two to three times the amount of cash you'd spend on this product. Smooth performance Glide compatibility Great Windows performance, considering memory limitations 3Dfx DTV3F If you're a hard-core gamer in search of the fastest 3-D action, then you'll want to get your hands on this gem of a graphics card. Installing the Voodoo3 was a snap as the manual walks you step by step through the process.

3dfx DesktopTV TV tuner - PCI Series Specs - CNET

The card managed an impressive 58 frames per second in our Quake II time demo--very near 3dfx's claim of 60 frames per second. We would love to see 3dfx support bit color at some point in the future, especially since Quake III will support true-color textures. Additionally, 3dfx's Voodoo cards only support a x texture size, which will experience 3Dfx DTV3F decrease in image quality once game manufacturers begin supporting 2, x 2, texture sizes.

However, 3dfx's advantage at this point lies 3Dfx DTV3F its proprietary Glide API application program interface and its clout within the 3-D graphics card arena--two good reasons why Voodoo3 is a number one choice for those seeking the most intense gaming experience. No bit output Maximum memory of 16 MB Limited by x texture size BJF4L Catlog: Featuring support for MPEG 2, DVD, FM stereo with dbx tmand high-resolution displays, the new board includes the most feature-filled entertainment card for hard-core game enthusiasts and cutting-edge multimedia entertainment consumers. Working in parallel, these processors produce over megatexelsper second to create extraordinary 3-D worlds in vivid bit color.


Otherfeatures 3Dfx DTV3F Motion blur exaggerates movement, whiledepth-of-field blur renders a scene as if you were viewing it through a reallens by blurring everything but main focal points. Soft shadows adds gentleedges to shadows to give them a much more realistic appearance. The softreflections effect enables realistic mirror images from semigloss surfaces likepolished wood or stone and stainless steel.

With its unique chipset, flashyrefresh rate, and cinematic special effects, the Voodoo5 PCI gives today'sPC gamers the raw 3-D power and premium 2-D performance they crave. BZA99 Catlog:3Dfx DTV3F driver. 3Dfx Video Drivers. (I found this driver on a win 98 cd) This site maintains 3Dfx DTV3F of video and graphics drivers available on. 3Dfx DTV3F Free Driver Download for 3Dfx DTV3F - . World's most popular driver download site.

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