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Users may then add the required network printer to their systems and use the printer as if it was connected directly to their workstation. This user then adds the printer to his or her workstation the server and shares the printer with other users on the network. The other users the clients may connect to the printer through the server via the Windows Print Manager. The client-server mode provides a way of maintaining queue ordering and job priority, but at a price. This is because: It must also have the capacity to handle Axis PrintPoint 100 print jobs that pass through it.

When installed, proceed as described under Windows for Workgroups below. In the Axis PrintPoint 100 menu, click Add.


Accept or change the suggested Windows port Axis PrintPoint 100 and type any required comment in the Axis PrintPoint 100 field. Make a note of the Windows port name as you will need this later, then click OK to install the Windows port. In the Port menu, click Connect Select the Windows port name from step 4 above this name can be found at the bottom of the Ports list. Choose a workstation that you want to use as server for network printing. The server must be available at all times and must have sufficient hard disk space for spooling print jobs.

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Make sure that the printer sharing option is enabled. Open Network Setup, click Sharing Open Print Manager and select your printer. In the Printer menu, select Share Printer As Type a printer name in the Share As field this is the printer Axis PrintPoint 100 seen by the clients, see Client Setup below.

Check the Re-share at Startup box, then click OK. The server setup is now completed. Set up the clients as described below.

Axis PrintPoint / Manuals

In the Control Panel, select Printers. Select Network In the Shared Printers list, select the printer you want to use.

Exit the Control Axis PrintPoint 100. LANtastic users may use the AXIS Utilities in exactly the same manner as described in the proceeding Windows sections, using a choice of Axis utility software that is guided by the type of Windows client employed: Richard Nixon had a plan for universal health care coverage that was much more far-reaching than the Affordable Care Act, which the Republicans have spent a decade hating on. Getting to a Axis PrintPoint 100 Medicare-type program will be a big change and we will almost certainly not get there all at once.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. If 'portLF1', 'portLF2' or 'portLF3' causes a blank page before and after each spooled file, try using 'anydata1', 'anydata2' or 'anydata3' Axis PrintPoint 100. AXIS PrintPoint / AXIS PrintPoint / Discontinued product.

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Online support only. Please see the support documentation for further information.


AXIS PrintPoint 1P / Discontinued product. Online support only. Please see the support documentation for further information.

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