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Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition

Apps, games, music and more: The Z Ultra includes Google Play, your one-stop-shop for digital entertainment. With over 1, apps and games -- plus music, movies and more -- keep your favorite digital entertainment in your pocket and always at your fingertips.

Unlocked and contract free: With an unlocked smartphone from Google Play, you can find the service plan that suits your needs. Stay on the cutting edge: Yes, that's how radically the Sony Z Ultra (Google Play Edition) Phone USB has changed in the last three years, and it is in this world that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra makes its debut. While we are personally no fans of ultra large-screen phones, we realise a market exists for such devices, even if the likes of Xperia Z Ultra and Huawei Ascend Mate are intent on stretching the acceptable limits.


So, has the Sony Xperia Z Ultra gone too far, or does it tick the right boxes? Pick up the phone and try getting your fingers around the width of its display and you realise that the phone just about fits in your hand, if you have big hands that is. If you have a tiny frame, forget about trying to get your fingers around the sides of this monster.

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition Now Available Exclusively at $649

Don't even think about trying to operate the phone with just hand, unless you have it resting on a surface. Sony Z Ultra (Google Play Edition) Phone USB Xperia Z Ultra is a big phone, which stretches the definition of the phrase big phone. At mm, or an incredible 7. If you plan to, say, watch a movie on the phone in landscape mode, forget about snuggling this behemoth in one hand - putting both your hands to use is a must. Once you get past the sheer size of the phone, you realise that the Xperia Z Ultra is one solidly-built device. The phone has a plastic body built around a metallic frame, which lends it an air of solidity, and a premium feel when holding the device.

In a phone that's super-sized on everything else, this comes as a very welcome change. Carrying the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a challenge of its own. Some may be able to fit it in the front pocket of their trousers or jeans, but will have to take it out if they want to sit without being constantly poked. Keeping it in the back pocket is an option, but the Ultra is sure to stick its neck out - and beware of accidentally sitting down with Sony Z Ultra (Google Play Edition) Phone USB phone still in your pocket!

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  • Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition Review: big, beautiful, and buggy
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The right edge also houses the power button in the middle and, right below it, the volume rocker. While the design makes the power button stand out visually, it also greatly reduces the target area of the button, and we would've preferred a larger button made of plastic.

While the pixel density takes a hit due to the humongous screen size, at around ppi, most won't notice the difference in the quality of text and images, though the display is definitely not as sharp as the one seen in, say, the HTC One. Outdoor visibility of the Xperia Z Ultra is about average, and at times we were definitely wishing we could take the brightness a notch higher, even when at full brightness. Viewing angles are good. Combined with the front and back glass and the spectacular build quality, and the Z Ultra feels like holding a solid pane of glass.

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition Now Available Exclusively at $ - Android Advices

Dropping it would probably be a terrible idea, but it feels like a quality piece of hardware. The device is so large that Sony has smartly chosen to put the side power and volume buttons toward the center of the device, rather than the usual placement at the top.

The shiny silver power button is the only standout button on the "phone. The same goes for the "Micro SD" logo. About that MicroSD slot: If you root the device you can make use of it, but without root, the only way to write to the card is to hook it up to a desktop computer and copy files over.

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition - Full Phone Specifications, Price

Each of your favorite apps would need to be updated for compatibility. Enlarge The Sony Z Ultra is waterproof, which means having to deal with annoying port covers.

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They're necessary for waterproofing and must be properly closed to be waterproofbut they're the one cheap-feeling part of the device. The flaps over the USB port make charging even more of a pain especially if you're used to wireless charging, which the Z Ultra does not support. The waterproof aspect is strange.


It will save the device from an accidental bath, provided the port covers are on securely, but the Z Ultra isn't usable underwater or really even while wet. Any water on the capacitive touch screen causes random screen input and starts randomly launching apps, typing things, or triggering a pinch zoom. On the back you'll see the 8MP camera, but there's no flash.

Place: Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Price (USD) $ Description Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition is a Smart Phone Powered by Android KitKat and. Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition review Maybe. It's definitely big, it's just about as Googly stock Android as the Nexus 4 or Nexus 7, and it's.

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