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More often than not, we'd have to swipe two or three times before the device would recognize our touch, and while pinch-to-zoom is supported, you COWON D3 be making much use of it if the device requires two to three seconds to understand what you're trying to do. Even changing orientation from vertical to horizontal takes three to five seconds, and while one or two of these would be forgivable, the entire experience becomes bogged down in no time flat.

Have a look at what we mean in the video below: The web browser manages to perform decently, and Bluetooth support seemed fine. Both BT-compatible sources as well COWON D3 headphones paired up nicely, but don't dare try to multitask if you're blasting music out over the short-range airwaves. Sadly, the battery here actually falls short compared to prior Cowon devices; the 32GB iPod touch can last well over 30 hours on a single charge when playing back audio, while Cowon's D3 isn't even rated to last longer than 21 hours. Sound quality It wouldn't be a proper Cowon review without a section dedicated to audio quality, as -- quite frankly -- that's the one place where you can count on the company's players to be superior to the competition.


Thankfully, nothing has changed in this regard. Music just felt fuller and less hazy, and if there's one saving grace on this entire thing, it's COWON D3 world-class sound quality.

COWON 32GB D3 Plenue (Black) DBL B&H Photo Video

We'd also like to throw a round of golf claps in Cowon's direction for the thorough amount of included EQ options; we usually aren't ones to screw with a producer's mix, but the COWON D3 options included COWON D3 are most certainly worth a listen. Dollars to donuts you'll find one that you enjoy even better than the stock mix, and we're guessing you'll also be shocked at how well it enhances things without comically distorting a particular frequency range.

The sound quality is truly unmatched, the build quality is worth writing home about, and the 3. We hate to make the obvious comparison, but there's no honest-to-goodness reason for choosing this over Apple's darling. Heck, at least that one COWON D3 with a camera for video calling and includes a processor that doesn't make you wait between each panel change.


However, the love ends there. For most other things, this device needs some work and some of them might not be fixable. COWON D3 CPU is already out-dated and it's probably the main reason why the device is still stuck on Android 2. COWON D3


That's fine for COWON D3 playback, but if you plan to do anything else you had best install a Task Manager app to kill all the extra stuff running in the background. This comes with the territory with Cowon products, unfortunately.

You definitely want a case if you plan to carry this thing around, and probably a screen protector as well. And, the device recovery area is locked down, so it's difficult to mod - you can root it, at COWON D3.

[ROM][CWM Recovery] Cowon D3 DFKT

Even with Wifi off, I seem to run out of battery a lot faster with this thing. It even features a COWON D3 enhancer for enriched stereo sound and a reverb function that maximizes the natural and live presence of your music.

For enjoying the high-quality audio, the D3 has an integrated speaker and also comes bundled with Cowon's SE2 earphones, which produce deep, penetrating bass tones and mellifluously lucid treble that authentically reproduces the expressive range of sounds created by the JetEffect 3. If you want to COWON D3 the web and view Internet content, the D3 has Wi-Fi connectivity. No information is available for this page. Portable Audio & Headphones.

Cowon D3 Black Plenue " Prestige MP3 Player with Android, 16GB. If you are looking for Audiophile quality the COWON D3 will suit your perfectly, the D3 has the ability to reproduce your digital audio collection at standards that will leave your ears.

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