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Some like it big. Big and heavy, but for a notebook a virtually incredible performance. O yes, three hard disks with GB capacity each are also to be found in the casing.

Casing "Big is beautiful"- to this set phrase you should agree at any rate if you have your eyes on the Schenker mySN DC. The coloss weighs exactly 5. A view on the datasheet of the mySN DC makes clear how Clevo D901C Audio dimensions ar brought about: At the latest when you take this hardware list into consideration, the sense of surprise about the gigantic casing turns into respect that it has been managed to cram such a lush equipment into a notebook casing at all. The casing appears with respect to its visual outward appearance rather modest and unobstrusive. They show a shiny lacquered surface for the most part with moderate haptics. The notebook appears very robust.


During the review no Clevo D901C Audio deformations or torsions could be discovered while working with the device. Both hinges keep the screen comparatively stable in position, so that you need some strength to adjust the display. A slightly but negligible springing back of the screen could be observed.

WTB: D901C audio board

It takes some time to get used to the fastener of the display. It is shaped as two hooks which have to be operated separately.

In addition the design of both slides cannot convince entirely. The offered ports of the mySN DC are spread out on the Clevo D901C Audio edges all around the entire casing Clevo D901C Audio the notebook. Considering the extensive space of the casing available this fact can be regarded als slightly disadvantageous because the cables and plugs of plugged in devices also distribute around the casing.


This is even more irritating as if the ports had been placed a little more bundled. The amazing hard drive performance is demonstrated by the HDTune screenshots.

I have never seen a constant HDTune performance graph without major downward spikes…until now. Oh, there was that guy at CeBIT this year who was showing Clevo D901C Audio his new Flash hard drive, which had similar performance. So think of RAID 0 in three drive configuration as giving you the equivalent of advanced Flash drive technology, today, without the additional cost of true Flash drives.


I can extrapolate that the drive performance would go off the chart if this system was actually equipped with Flash drives! I believe the largest laptop capacity for Flash hard disks is 64 Clevo D901C Audio at this time, and if anybody knows where I can get some of those, I would be Clevo D901C Audio than willing to try it out. Even though storage capacity would fall — performance would be out of this world!

Clevo D901C Audio we get a quad core processor in a laptop chassis, this is the best we have, and its definitely something to be happy about. None of that horsing around with this Clevo machine! You get smooth as silk performance all the way — from disk IO to raw computation power. I never noticed the system get too hot either — the palmrest remains comfortable, although you may not want to use the system on your lap. Once the fan kicked in, that was it!


This fan knows how to cool the machine; and it gets out of your way, turning itself off, as soon as its done its job. Kudos to Clevo for getting it right. Since the palmrest is cool all the time, even while the hard drives are heating up like crazy, the keyboard and touchpad remain comfortable at all times — again an improvement over earlier designs. A few extra buttons are available to perform your custom tasks such as launch custom applications when they are pressed. Input and Output Ports: Of course, a DVI port is also available for digital video output. The N-capable wireless card is definitely what you want to have in your system, especially when shelling out a substantial amount of Clevo D901C Audio. Compared to my XPS M system with draft-N wireless, the final N series included in Clevo picked up a lot more wireless networks — which we can happily attribute to extended range.

I think of it as a UPS, rather than a real battery.

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Operating System and Software: Which of these do you guys think would make a better laptop DAW? Key features of both (bit old): DC * World's First Quad-Core NotebookLaptop earthing issue. Please choose the driver -- VGA, Audio, CD_ROM, PCMCIA, MPEG, Others, Optional, ALL. *Note: These drivers or Manuals Clevo D901C Audio customized for CLEVO's.

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