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Ken applied his ample aerial skills and got things mounted quickly, while I made a home for the UPS and connected things up. Unfortunately, even though we could see a remote mesh node, we couldnt tell whether they were our node on the hill.

And they wouldnt connect. Signal was too weak. Since we had 15dB of gain on the mountain, and 20dB at Jacks', it was difficult to believe that we couldnt connect. We even began to doubt whether the node on the mountain was functional. So we planned a trip up there to investigate.

Broadband-Hamnet™ Forum::General::New node install - Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 HP

I brought along a dish to see if it would do any better than the sector. When we got there, we found the sector node operational. We found that the same thing was true there, we could see mesh node IP addresses, but it would not fully connect and resolve node names.

However, the IP address was definitely that of Jacks dish. So we mounted the dish and fired it up.


Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet first, with the dish pointed on a bearing directly at Jacks, according to Google Earth, there was nothing. Then we rotated the dish and at a bearing about 30 degrees south of the previous, we got a strong signal and a connection to AG6QO at Jack's! We now have a rock solid super fast data connection to the repeater site, spanning 16 miles on milliwatts!


January 4, Postscript: We stopped at the intersection of CR 90 and 24 to see if we could connect to either location with my mobile linksys node with factory antennas. We could see all the nodes at Jack's and the hill, but couldn't connect reliably.

Broadband Hamnet Network Project

The Linksys sytem runs nearly half the power of the Ubiquiti and the antennas have no gain. We will have to try again with a mobile Ubiquiti setup with better antenna.

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We then paid Jack a surprise visit and showed him our solid connection using the mobile linksys. Amazingly, when I set the linksys down in the raised tailgate of my Chevy Equinox, it could Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet directly to sector node on the mountain!!

The open liftgate end of the Equinox was coincidentally pointing directly at the repeater site and must have been acting as a dish with some great gain!! They had them mounted on Ken's HF Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet mast.

Unfortunately, Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet had no luck even seeing the nodes at Jacks. Later, I swung by Jack's with my mobile LinkSys nodes, and verified they were still working. I then ran over to Ken's and made sure his were functional.

We theorized that either trees or houses were obstructing line of site to Jack's. So Ken wanted to go to then end of his block where we could literally see the repeater shack 21 mikes away, and try to connect direct. We threw his inverter in my car with my LinkSys node and WiFi access point, and drove around the corner. With Ken holding the dish Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet directly athe the repeater site, and me reading the mesh status on my iPad, we immediately connected to both the dish and the sector nodes at the repeater site! As we are still adding features particularly for Linksysthe patching feature will be helpful in reducing the time and effort needed in upgrades. As before, some issues will remain with VLAN function and the space to install certain options if Linksys devices are used.

On the flip side, the utility of the Linksys products and their integrated switch makes them very useful for many BBHN mesh applications.

Amateur Radio Station AG6QO - Mesh Net Project

We are working hard to continue Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet their usefulness. Support for linking between mesh nodes using an Internet Tunnel: The tunnel firmware is not installed by default. To have tunnel functionality, you must load either the Tunnel Server function or the Tunnel Client function separately. Only one Tunnel Server is needed for an entire group of users, even separated by thousands of miles. Only one Tunnel Client is needed for a group of mesh users in communication with each other. This set of software changes and tunnel scripts is the result of a number of users in North America, Europe and elsewhere testing and modifying settings to deliver a working configuration. The download scripts now enable web based setup and reconfiguration to manage the tunnel. It also required the installation of an IRC client on your local computer tablet, phone, etc.

Broadband-Hamnet releases new firmware for Ubiquiti devices

This package does not require client software on the local computer, using your web browser instead. The chat package is Ubiquiti AirGrid M2 Broadband-Hamnet and much simpler to use than IRC but does allow one to have chats across the mesh in short order. It does not have file transfer support or other advanced features.

Gateway P-172XL FX Notebook IDTSigmaTel AudioRemote Controlled 12VDC Switch
Advance RF-888
Acer LG-A341 MTP Device

This release is a foundation layer for resolving several issues widely discussed in the support forums for older versions. Although will. I own 2 Ubiquiti based devices out of China which run the Airgrid M2 firmware and was wondering if they will support the firmware for this  Broadband-Hamnet™ Forum::Hardware::AirGrid M2.

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