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Once set, I would then control the levels on the receiver.


I don't see as stupid as a question might be why we can't just answer it, try to help and teach. So you have 4 18" subs and the graph you posted says your room is awesome. I hope one day to also be able to post graphs that say that, but for now I just want to build a subwoofer cabinet, get an amplifier and watch a movie with my family. I honestly don't ST Audio Central DSP3000 M-Port Audiocard Sound that my 10 year old son is going to point out that I have a null, a peak, or that my graph looks wrong. He is going to get blown away by the fact that his father built something, learned something and got to make new friends along the way. That's some real nice equipment.

Unfortunately, I need to get a system sorted out that I can plug it into first Heinlein jheine Jan 10,4: I tried to google to the vendors but all I found were European vendors. The only thing that I'd like to ST Audio Central DSP3000 M-Port Audiocard Sound with it is an option to buy more of the pci interface cards so I can use the rack on more than one PC without swapping the card. I have a main workstation and I'm building a mobil workstation for live gigs. What are you looking at for a system?

The problem as alwaysis compromise I just hope the PC I want is possible It's only for a home studio though, since I can't get the mixing desk my friend has - a Yamaha desk with built in MD recorder I'm probably going to output the sound through the hi-fi I'm getting - probably a decent NAD system - have a friend who runs a local good hi-fi shopsince it'll cut down the number of speakers needed - I'll have a card M-audio revolution 7. Heinlein jheine Jan 11,4: I built my system with DAW firmly in front. I wasn't concerned with gaming, so it gave me a few extra options, like not using another sound card and not needing a top-end AGP card got the ST Audio Central DSP3000 M-Port Audiocard Sound G for dual monitors.

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Rack mount isn't really a bad thing, but there are other audio cards that use a break-out box that will sit on the desk. If you look into those, look for ones with the ADACs in the breakout box. You'll get a better quality recording as opposed to one with the ADACs on the pci card.

Please note that normally our support staff will advise you to do this if you seek help with driver installation. Under normal circumstances, you do not need to manually remove a driver. This section devides into X below semi-manual removal of v8.


X below To remove the drivers totally, all four or at least three of the four steps might be necessary. There you can remove the entries of the card under Sound, video and game controllers. If you have installed the v7.

If you had problems installing the driver before and the system did not boot, you can remove the driver entries by in by booting Windows in Safe Mode. It is not enough to remove entries in Device Manager if you want to install a new driver. When Windows reboots, it would automatically install the same driver again as long as you don t remeve the driver INF file as described in the next section.

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INF file If you want to remove drivers manually, you have to delete the driver INF files that contain the information for drivers that have been used for the previous installations. If this is not done, Windows will always try to install the previous drivers again.

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This directory is normally not displayed in the Windows Explorer. Make sure to enable the display of hidden files and system files via the display options inside the Explorer. INF where x is a number from 0 up to the number of hardware drivers you installed after the Windows installation itself for any hardware, not only the DSP You can open the OEMx. INF files in Notepad simply by double clicking on the files in Explorer.

ST Audio DSP24 series E-WDM driver v8.x for Windows 2000/XP

Please do this for all the files with this name don t open the files with different names. It can be found in any zip-file with drivers v7. If you don t have the file on your system, download the a driver from our website and unzip it.

To uninstall the 7. The window shown on the picture will appear. Free Download ST Audio Central DSP M-Port Audiocard Sound Driver for XP (Sound Card). Free Download ST Audio Central DSP M-Port Audiocard Sound Driver b for XP (Sound Card).

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