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All other brand names are registered Soltek SL-945G945G-L of their respective owners. It is divided into five chapters, with each chapter addressing a basic concept and operation of Single Board Computer.

S Link Slx Bl Driver

Presents what you Soltek SL-945G945G-L in the box and give you an overview of the product specifications and basic system architecture for this series model of single board computer. Shows the definitions and locations of Jumpers and Connectors that you can easily configure your system. Describes how to properly mount the CPU, main memory and Compact Flash to get a safe Soltek SL-945G945G-L and provides a programming guide of Watch Dog Timer function.


In addition, POST checkpoint list will give users some guidelines of trouble-shooting. As basic hardware installation has been addressed in Chapter 3, this chapter will basically focus on system integration issues, in terms of backplane setup, BIOS setting, and OS diagnostics. The content of this manual and EC declaration document is subject to change without prior notice. These changes will be incorporated in new Soltek SL-945G945G-L of the document. Soltek SL-945G945G-L may make supplement or change in the products described in this document at any time.

Updates to this manual, technical clarification, and answers to frequently asked questions will be shown on the following web Soltek SL-945G945G-L The equipment was evaluated and passed the test, the following standards were applied: Company Name 3F, No. Company Address Taipei, R. It is positioned at innovation, high integration and high quality Embedded System Board in the embedded computing market.

Soltek SL-945G945G-L All in all, PEB series are designed to meet all kinds of low power embedded computing application. Its compact design with industry 5.

PEB-3730/3732 Series. User's Manual

Soltek SL-945G945G-L is positioned at cost effective and low power fan-less Embedded System Board in the growing embedded computing market. TBD - Operating temperature: The special pin configuration of the CPU socket Soltek SL-945G945G-L the ufc-pga2 pins in total. This new generation Pentium M or Celeron M provides better performance to many applications. The default jumper settings shipped from factory are marked with an astral. When reconfiguring the system, you may need to change jumper settings on the system board.

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In the following sections, Short means Soltek SL-945G945G-L a jumper cap over jumper pins; Open or NC Not Connected means removing a jumper cap from jumper pins. Refer to Figure for the Jumper locations. With no additional video adaptor, this onboard video will be the system display output. However, system will automatically switch to off-board video adaptor if there is any.


There is no way to disable this onboard video function, unless one off-board PCI video card is applied onto the Soltek SL-945G945G-L. Please refer to the i The drivers support Windows-NT 3. Please refer to the table below as a quick reference guide. The drivers support Windows-NT 4. The BIOS has a built-in Setup program that allows users to modify the basic system configuration easily. Some errors are significant enough to abort the start-up. The table below will show you all of keystroke functions in BIOS setup.

Soltek SLSPE-L Springdale Motherboard Review

The Main Menu allows you to select from eleven Soltek SL-945G945G-L functions and two exit choices. Today Shawn "Toxic" Baker takes a look at the Soltek SLSPE-L motherboard which is based on Intel's mainstream focused Springdale  Missing: G/ ‎G. Chipset Intel PE + ICH5 Processor Socket on board.

Supporting P4 CPU (including Prescott CPU and Hyper Threading Technology). Front Side Bus  Soltek SL-945G945G-L G/ ‎G.

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