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In an attempt to emphasize just how serious they are, Ricoh have dropped the "Caplio" Ricoh R8 Digital Camera to bring the R8 more in line with the professional GR and GX model cameras. As soon as you pick it up, the Ricoh R8 feels more solidly made, refined and purposeful when compared to it's predecessors.


Despite all the external design changes, the Ricoh R8 retains its mm zoom range, still a truly amazing feat of engineering in such a small camera. When the lens is fully extended, the camera measures over 7cm in depth, but thankfully it retracts fully back into the body when it is turned off. The mm range is incredibly versatile, covering everything from wide-angle landscapes to close-up action photos. Ricoh were the first manufacturer to include a 7x zoom lens in a compact camera, and even though most of the other competitors now offer similarly-specced models, the R8 is still one of the most compact designs on offer.

The new rubberized hand-grip makes it much easier to hand-hold the Ricoh R8 and get sharp results at the telephoto end of the zoom range. Ricoh have also greatly simplified the rear of the R8, with just 9 external Ricoh R8 Digital Camera in total, leaving plenty of room for the large 2.


You can now select from the Camera, Movie and Scene options, plus two new settings called MY1 and MY2, which allow you to configure the R8 for different uses and allows quick access to each configuration the camera remembers the settings when it's Ricoh R8 Digital Camera off. The functionality of the Adjust button, or more accurately the Adjust four-way joystick, has been greatly expanded.

Ricoh R8 Review Digital Camera Resource Page

It still allows you to quickly adjust 3 different settings that are commonly used. Even better, the Adj. Ricoh have also integrated some of the settings that were controlled with a separate navigation pad on the R7 which has now disappeared completely into the Adjust button.

It now doubles up as the OK button to select options and it also sets the Macro and Flash options - there's a completely new button underneath to access the Main menu system. In theory it sounds like a recipe for disaster, but in practice it works well, allowing quick access to most of the major functions of the camera. The in-camera sharpening has distorted the image as it moves out of focus towards the top of the frame. The Ricoh R8 has a sharpening feature in the menu so the processor will boost the sharpening even more than usual. It's pretty much a given that all digital camera shots need a bit of sharpening when put into editing and looking at the results of some of the sharpened images, it might be best to leave it that way.

As I continued to test the off centre metering, I also boosted the sharpness on this shot of a statue and while the legs are in focus and look good, the face and shoulders have an almost painted look to them. Close examination of the macro shot shows a noise problem with the lines of the car Ricoh R8 Digital Camera wheel breaking down.

Ricoh R8 Digital Camera Review

This means that the noise test shots will be interesting to look at. The colour chart image has boosted the blue, green and yellow, but the red is a little lame in comparison to some other compacts.

The skin tone looks balanced and the portrait shots will prove how good it is. I like the richness of the earthy colours and the mono tones Ricoh R8 Digital Camera clean. From the landscape shot, it looks like Ricoh have been hard at work trying to suppress chromatic aberration fringing.

Ricoh R8 Concise Review

Only a smudged green line down the contrasting line at the end of the lever for the lock door shows any trace and that's marginal. The overall image is pleasant with good colour and detail in the grass at the foreground. A good result from the Ricoh on the colours and I liked the results of the coloured buildings on location. The Ricoh R8 has a maximum macro facility of 1cm which blocks out light Ricoh R8 Digital Camera certain shots forcing you to move back. Fringing is present to the right of the frame, but a good overall result.

The sun was high and strong for the portrait shots and has caused a high degree of contrast with strong shadows. The Ricoh R8 has Ricoh R8 Digital Camera to track the off centre subject using the face detection and has given a decent skin tone.

Using the flash has bleached out the nose and parts of the cheeks but has restored detail in the shadow areas caused by the sun. Catchlights can be seen but they're only small. This could be a consequence of bright sunlight making the subject squint. Ricoh R8 Digital Camera face detection of the R8 works ok but strong sunlight can cloud its judgement.


While bringing detail out from the shadows, the nose and parts of the cheeks are burnt. Ricoh is a camera manufacturer that tends to swim against the stream, not only in Ricoh R8 Digital Camera of product range but also in the way it schedules its  Digital zoom‎: ‎up to x. Nov 15, Ricoh R8 Digital Camera A new camera from Ricoh is always a bit of an event. While most other manufacturers launch half a dozen new cameras at once, Ricoh tends to.

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