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MSI [email protected] AP DRIVER

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This is the currently selected item. Video transcript What I would like to do is describe an imaginary, or a fictitious, Bitcoin transaction. And then talk about how somebody might try to game or defraud the system. And why that's not only mathematically hard to do, but why there's actually an incentive-- actually an economic incentive in the Bitcoin system for different MSI [email protected] AP to behave honestly. So let's suppose that there is someone out there named Dan, and that Dan wants to order a pizza-- maybe a cheese pizza, from Pete's Pizza Shop.

And let's say that Pete's Pizza Shop accepts Bitcoins as payment, and that it costs 1 Bitcoin for a pizza pie. And imagine MSI [email protected] AP Dan receive previously-- let's say he received 5 Bitcoins from his cousin, Carol. So maybe Carol, who I'm going to label by C, gave to Dan 5 Bitcoins, which we can label as a B with a circle around it.

And that he wants to use 1 of these 5 Bitcoins to buy a pizza from Pete. And so what Dan's Bitcoin client will do is it will create a transaction record that includes information about how Dan got these Bitcoins. In this case, it includes information about this transaction between Carol, who we've marked by C, and Dan for 5 Bitcoins. And MSI [email protected] AP it specifies that Dan wants to give one of these Bitcoins to Pete-- and we'll label Pete by a P. And also that Dan is going to MSI [email protected] AP the remaining 4 Bitcoins.

MSI [email protected] ATSC - digital / analog TV tuner / video capture adapter - PCI Overview - CNET

And that will be basically change to himself. And the way that Bitcoin is built is that you MSI [email protected] AP to actually specify the change, because you need to have a way-- whatever goes into the Bitcoin system has to come out at the other end.


And so you can't have a MSI [email protected] AP where the numbers don't add up. And so whatever is remaining is either change, or part of it can be used as a transaction fee. But for this example, to keep things simple, I'll assume that there is no transaction fee in place. The transaction fee is just 0. And we'll focus only on the situation in which everything is being accounted for in the transaction. Now, this transaction record MSI [email protected] AP going to be broadcast out to the entire Bitcoin world.


And so in particular, Pete is going to receive a copy of this transaction. But in addition to Pete receiving it, so too will the other people on the Bitcoin system. And if you recall, there are these special nodes, the special entities MSI [email protected] AP people in Bitcoin, that are known as Bitcoin miners. And these Bitcoin miners are going to be responsible for making sure that everything checks MSI [email protected] AP in the transaction from a global perspective.

On your terms

What they do is they look at the full record of transactions. And this transaction record is public. It's known as a transaction block chain, and I've put a description of the transaction block chain right MSI [email protected] AP.

And this transaction block chain contains the history of every single transaction that's ever occurred within the Bitcoin system from the beginning of time-- the time of the first block, which is known in Bitcoin MSI [email protected] AP the genesis block. And everyone can verify the details of any transaction if they want to because that information is public. And in particular, what these Bitcoin miners will look at is they'll look at whether or not Dan previously received five Bitcoins from anybody else. In this particular case, it was his cousin, Carol. Whether or not Dan has tried to spend those Bitcoin previously.

And so on and so forth. And these Bitcoin miners are all collectively trying to take all these recent transactions that haven't yet been recorded, and that includes not only the transaction between Dan and Pete, but there may be other transactions floating out there that took place on the same time. And the Bitcoin miners will basically look at all these different transactions at once. And they're going to basically try to figure out how to form a transaction block out of these transactions. And they want to add this transaction block to the end of the current transaction block chain. Now, MSI [email protected] AP you might recall from previous videos, that for a Bitcoin miner to add a transaction block to a transaction block chain, they have to solve what's known as a proof-of-work puzzle.

And the Bitcoin system is designed-- or maybe calibrated is a better word-- so that on average one miner will solve a puzzle in about 10 minutes. I think it's actually worth stressing here that it could take a long time for any one individual miner solve the puzzle. It could even take maybe a year, or even two years. But because there are so many of these miners working at the same time, one of them is bound to get lucky and solve the puzzle quickly.


Now, MSI [email protected] AP of these proof-of-work puzzles that is associated with a transaction block happens to have a difficulty score associated with it. Support For [email protected] A/D. REGISTER NOW. Register now for technical support. menu. Products Service. Download; Ask a Question · Specifications. Support For [email protected] REGISTER NOW.

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