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Most European countries have been developing ostrich farms since around based on stock imported from Africa and Israel and have reached the slaughter market Deeming and Angel, Other African countries have developed ostrich farming systems in recent years Deeming and Angel, Namibian farms, based largely on Oudtshoorn strain birds, are Daten DC1C-S up to a slaughter market.

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Zimbabwe based its ostrich farm- ing operation on the local indigenous ostrich sub-species and in was approaching a Daten DC1C-S market Foggin, Currently, other countries such as those in the Far East, South America and New Zealand have been exploring the feasibility of ostrich farming. Introduction 9 In the ban on export of living ostrich material from South Africa was lifted, allowing farmers to export both birds and eggs. This may provide a boost for local farmers who will be able to supply new markets which may arise after confidence in ostrich farming has been revived. The future of ostrich farming Deeming and Angel suggest that productivity egg fertility and hatchabil- ity, and chick survival have to be significantly increased in order to maximize profitability. They pose two key questions: These questions may have been prophetic, because currently there is a worldwide slump in ostrich products and a decrease in confidence in farming.

Over-production in South Africa since has almost certainly contributed to this, although additional suppliers have exacerbated the situation. Deeming and Angel suggest that the challenge is in the marketing of ostrich products so as to expand meat markets as well as to explore new markets for the hides. This challenge could not be more relevant at this time. Maintaining the high quality image of ostrich products may command high prices, but turnover of product is small. Lowering prices may stimulate profits by increasing the turnover of products consumed in a larger marketplace. Current difficulties in ostrich farming may lead to a considerable reduction in the number of farmers worldwide, but Daten DC1C-S am certain that years from now there will still be a considerable ostrich industry in South Africa.

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Daten DC1C-T Drivers Download for Windows 10, , 7, Vista, XP

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Kreibich, A. Daten DC1C-S, G. Futura, London. Download the latest drivers for your Daten DC1C-S to keep your Computer up-to-date. Download the latest drivers for your Daten DC1C-T to keep your Computer up-to-date.

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