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Let go of the idea that the system the object and the manipulator you are different, because both contain the same energy. This is the idea that forms the basis of telekinesis: You have to abandon the belief that anything else is so. You know how all the matter in the universe started from stars and we are, therefore, stardust. It s exactly that. You can move that spoon in front of you Aopen DSW2212P it s Aopen DSW2212P natural extension of you. Part 2 of 3: Practicing Your Skills Concentrate on a small object and nothing else. Telekinesis is all about moving the things around you. In order to channel your natural energy into this nearby object, you ll need to concentrate and concentrate hard.

It s easiest to start with very lightweight objects, like a match or a small pencil. The farther apart the molecules inside the system, the easier to manipulate it. You can work on chairs later. Aim for these practice sessions twice a day for an hour Aopen DSW2212P total.

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Visualize the object moving. To the left.

To the right. Aopen DSW2212P, scooting, getting pushed or pulled. Is the entire object moving, or just one side. Get as specific as possible. Make psi balls. A psi ball is a ball of energy that you can feel, Aopen DSW2212P, and, with time, take on complicated tasks.

With your hands held around Aopen DSW2212P stomach, feel the energy at your core. Hold your hands like they re cupping a ball. How big is it. Is it radiating. What color is it.

Once it Aopen DSW2212P concrete, move it around and let it morph shape and size. In time, you can use this ball to delivery energy into other objects.

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The same way a baseball would knock over a vase, your psi ball can pummel into real-life Aopen DSW2212P, affecting them in much the same way. Do flamework. In addition to working with small objects, work with fire.

Light a candle and watch it glow. Clear your mind and let the flame Aopen DSW2212P your thoughts. Watch it flicker and move.

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Focusing on it, move it with your energy. Move it right, move it left, stretch it up, smush it down, grow it brighter, dimmer, and make it yours. Does it dance like you want it to. Flames can Aopen DSW2212P be a bit easier to manipulate.

They re already balls of energy and not weighty objects that put Aopen DSW2212P a fight. Use this exercise when you re feeling particularly tired as a sort of telekinetic pick-me-up. Switch up exercises. Since you re devoting so much time to this an hour every day, right. Here are some ideas: Try the classic spoon bending technique. But don t use your grandma s good china. Hold it Aopen DSW2212P in front of you horizontally with both hands. The curve of the handle needs to be pointing up. Focus on a psi ball in your core, getting hotter and hotter, brighter and brighter.



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