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One or another of these transmissions are used in many vehicles including the Taurus, Sable, Windstar, and Continental.

Aopen AX Series Motherboard Memory Upgrades

Geartrain meltdown due to an inadequate supply of pressurized lubricating oil is one of the primary causes of transmission failure in vehicles built prior to Independent transmission shops typically address the inherent design defect in the AXO, AXOD-E transmission by enlarging the Aopen AX4S Plus-U which feeds the lube oil and making sure that the bushings, which help control the oil flow, are replaced if the least bit worn. In mid, Ford redesigned the tubes above the oil filter and sent its dealers a service bulletin that attributed geartrain meltdown in all vehicles built in to a faulty gasket TSB A Owners complain Ford limits the program to only one free repair attempt, so make sure your first repair is a new transmission. There is also a thermostatic fluid control valve inside the transmission that compensates for fluid expansion as the fluid gets hot.

When the fluid is cold, it routes more fluid to the main control body. As the fluid heats, up the valve slowly opens to allow some of the fluid to drain back to the sump. This helps keep the fluid level below the rotating parts of the transmission so it doesn't foam and become Aopen AX4S Plus-U which can Aopen AX4S Plus-U erratic transmission performance. Key components include: For normal driving, leave the transmission in overdrive. This will prevent the torque converter from locking up or the transmission from going into 4th gear while driving. This increases available torque but also reduces fuel economy.


If the overdrive light is flashing, it means the PCM has detected an internal electronic fault in the transmission. Aopen AX4S Plus-U people call this the "sell or trade this vehicle now" light because it usually means the transmission is failing. Turbine Shaft Speed Sensor. The computer uses this information to control torque converter clutch lockup and internal transmission operating pressures.

This signal is also used to control the torque converter clutch, gear shifting and internal pressure. The Aopen AX4S Plus-U are located in the main control valve body, and are two-way, normally open solenoids. The PCM uses fluid temeprature to modify the shift characteristics of the transmission when it is cold.


The Electronic Pressure Control EPC Solenoid controls the hydraulic pressure inside the transmission by balancing the line pressure against the modulator pressure. The PCM has an adaptive strategy that allows it to modify the shift characteristics over time for smoother operation. If the battery is disconnected, these learned settings go away and the PCM has to start all over again, which may cause harsher shifts for several hundred miles until the PCM sorts things out again. Problems here can make the transmission feel jerky at low speed if the torque converter locks up too soon or fails to release soon enough, or cause a drop in fuel economy if the converter never locks up. The transmission will downshift to Aopen AX4S Plus-U lower gear when the vehicle is slowing down, when an increase in the load on the transmission requires a higher gear ratio as when driving up a steep hillor when the accelerator pedal is floored kickdown.


If the transmission downshifts harshly gong from 3rd to 2nd gear, or shudders when accelerating around a corner, the problem may be air in the transmission fluid caused by a low fluid level. Ford TSB covers this problem and Aopen AX4S Plus-U the fix is to check the fluid level after the vehicle has been driven, the fluid is hot, and the engine is idling in Parkand add fluid as necessary to bring the fluid level up to the full mark. Always refer to your owner's manual or the marks on the dipstick for the type of fluid to use.

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Starting inall Taurus and Sable vehicles require the newer Mercon V fluid. Ford warns that using wrong Aopen AX4S Plus-U or a fluid that does not meet their Mercon or Mercon V specifications can cause transmission problems and possible transmission failure. It takes expertise and special equipment to properly diagnose a transmission problem. Aopen AX4S Plus-U Pdf User Manuals.

512MB AOpen PC2100 184-pin DDR266 ECC Registered DIMM (p/n AOPEN-XDJ512)

View online or download Aopen AX4S Plus-U Installation Manual. lla tio n.

Drivers &. U tilitie s. BIOS Setu p. Glos sary. AX4S-U/AX4S Plus-U.

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