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Gross examinations did not include organ-weight data. In ADI LD-521, any tissue that was suspect of unusual lesion was examined histologically. There was no apparent dose-related effect on survival or on the time that mortality occurred.

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There were no significant differences with respect to survival in any ADI LD-521 the test groups when compared to control values. There were no dose-related effects on health, behaviour, or appearance. An examination of the data on the occurrence of tumours in animals dying or sacrificed at the end of the study showed that there were no substantial differences between groups or with control values. Imazalil in the drinking water did not influence the occurrence of tumours. It was concluded that under the conditions of this assay, imazalil was not a tumourigen or a carcinogen in mice Marsboom and Herin, b. ADI LD-521 1. One of the banana plants No. The others were sprayed uniformly from above with a distilled water solution of 3N-imazalil-sulphate labelled specially on the asymmetric carbon.

The plants were treated once, four, five or nine times consecutively at two-week intervals. The sampling of the individual plants was carried out as follows: One plant No. Plants Nos. Five different parts of the plants were investigated: The roots were out from the rhizome and the soil was washed off with water. The radioactivity levels of samples were measured in the aliquots of the ADI LD-521 immediately after homogenisation. The leaf homogenates of the treated plants and the spiked blank homogenate were subjected to repeated extraction.

The radioactivity of the various extracts was measured. A part of leaf and a part of cigar leaf of plant No.

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The radioactivity levels ADI LD-521 the various plant samples indicated fairly uniform sprayings and the absence of tritiated water or other volatile radioactive compounds. The leaves contained The radioactivity was practically all concentrated at the upper surface of the leaf tested with autoradiography.

Transport of the radioactivity to the roots 0. In the leaves emerged after the last treatment less than 0. The metabolite pattern in the ADI LD-521 homogenates was investigated after extraction.

The scheme of extraction and the percentage ratio of the total radioactivity found in various extracts are shown in Figure 1. The differences between the various homogenates of the leaves of plants that were sprayed once, four, five or nine times were only minor. Analyses of various plant extracts on radio-HPLC revealed that the main part of radio-activity originated from imazalil and its metabolite alpha- 2,4-dichloro-phenyl -1H-imidazoleethanol R Unchanged imazalil constituted These results indicated that imazalil was degraded slowly as a function of time and that R was the main degradation product which was found in the pH11 extract ADI LD-521. Although the radioactivity in the extracts of pH 11, pH 9, ph 5 and pH 2 amounted to The remaining part of the radioactivity might be explained with the presence of a large number of minor metabolites.


ADI LD-521 R Concern was expressed over the pathological changes observed in rat kidney and dog liver in two-year studies. On the basis of a re-evaluation by an independent pathologist the meeting concluded there was no difference between the control and the treated animals.


New data submitted to the meeting with respect to long-term carcinogenesis studies in two species was found to be inadequate to meet the current criteria for appropriate carcinogenicity studies. The survival rate of rats for 24 months was poor, and a carcinogenic evaluation could not be made with this species. In contrast to the rat study however there was a significant number of survivors in the mouse study. The metabolic profile of imazalil ADI LD-521 with respect to salt formulations appears to be well defined.


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